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Monday, April 16, 2012

A Few Weekend Rides

I thought I would try to get in a Saturday night ride down the Fox River Trail. but I was stopped by the line of nasty storms that stretched all the way across the country and was responsible for all those tornados. I watched the radar and finally got in an early dawn ride up the trail from Carpentersville to Algonquin.
Not sure where I took this picture.
I made my way across the Fox River bridge and then over the Rte 62 bridge to find that the construction, or rather the deconstruction and reconstruction of a bridge over a creek just a quarter mile North of Rte 62 is only about half done. Here is what I saw.
Trail Closed

Trail Closed

The new pilings for the bridge.
That creek is pretty swollen.
A few weeks ago we were able to navigate that creek via a few well placed planks and a bit of good balance. All the planks have been since removed and the new foundations for the bridge put in place.
On the way back I stopped at a few bridges to get a few pics of the swollen creeks.

Looking West up the Fox River Trail from the bridge over the Fox River.
Looking East over the Fox River bridge on the FRT

Me and the bike on the bridge.

My bike and all the casing for my phone is sitting next to it.

  I had to take all the protective Otterbox casing off of my phone in order to get the reverse shot with me and the bike in the frame. I got in about 10.5 miles that day.  Today I rode the same trail just before dawn in order to try out my lights on the bike. 56F and overcast. Got in 10.9 miles.
This is from the opposite side of the under construction bridge looking North.
A week ago I was able to ford the creek via planks. The above picture is from the North bank of that creek. That was on my regular mountain bike. This weekend was on my hybrid folding Swissbike TX.