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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring is here - Yeay!!

So far I have four rides in this year, the first being on March 16th. I have around 75 miles right now. My miles are a joke so far this year thanks to no indoor miles AT ALL this winter. That happened due to a nice little skin allergy I have been fighting since late August of 2014. It's kinda funny being so far down on the list of riders keeping track on the League Of Illinois Bicyclists 2015 log. Because every time I do go for a ride, I jump several spots on the list. Here are some pics from my last ride and some of the other rides from this year:
Am glad the long winter of holding my breath and getting no miles is over. Time to plan some new trails and courses! See ya on the trail!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Chicago Critical Mass ride September 2014

Wat a blast! I am not sure how many people were there this month. But it sure felt like alot of people! Am gunna take a guess and say maybe a thousand people? I saw stacked bikes and Penny Farthings and folding bikes. There was even a few of those commercial passenger bikes and a few stacked bikes made from discarded kids bikes. My overall mileage for the day was 25 miles. My odometer was reading 22 miles at the end of the ride. But that includes my mileage from Augusta blvd. where I had parked. The groups stopped for a break half way through the ride at the Nature Museum parking lot. The ride started about 6:30 and ended at about 9:00. What a fun ride! Come join us next month! The Chicago Critical Mass ride is on the last Friday of every month at Daley Plaza 5:30PM.  CYA there!
Folding bike encountered on the way to Daley Plaza.
Water fountain at Daley Plaza
Bikers amassing
Scupture at Daley Plaza
Buildings around Daley Plaza
More buildings
more me
Double stack bike
Double stack bike preparing the fording gear
Fording the fountain.
Exit...stage right...evennnn.
Circling Daley Plaza
Rding under the L
Map of route from THE DERAILLEUR