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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flooding on the Fox River trail

There has been quit alot of flooding along the Fox River already this spring. And the FRT is no exception. The pic below is looking South on the FRT near Bolts rd. in Carpentersville.

The last picture is of the flooded park in Algonquin at the intersection of rte 62 and rte 31.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Ride Of The Year Outside

Yeay! It was nice enough, AND I found time, to ride outside for the first time this year!Got done with some doctors appointments early and decided to cover the ears and hit the Fox River Trail for a few miles.

Looking South a few hundred yards from the old trestle over the Fox River in Algonquin.

Looking North at the trestle over the Fox River in Algonquin.

On the trail at Goose Hill in Carpentersville looking down at the Fox River.

And while I was taking my folding bike out of the car to use for the first time since fall, I noticed that this thing is dirty as all heck! I am going to have to clean that thing up. And I bet it takes a while to do so! First, I have to find a nice spot to mount the Park Tool Universal bike clamp I bought over the winter. Then let the games begin.