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Monday, May 1, 2017

Goodbye mountain bike. You served me well.

There it is. My Ross Mt. Pocono mountain bike. Upside down. Where it spent a majority of its time in my possession. I owned it for quite a long time. While I did ride it alot and put on many many miles, it's been upside down much more than right side up.
Ooooh! Look at them shiny reflectors.
While I used it mostly to ride the Fox River Trail(FRT), I also used it to ride trails like the Illinois Prairie Path(IPP), the Meadowdale Raceway, and the Pecatonica Prairie Path(PPP). Oh, and a nice ride on the Skokie Valley Trail(SVT), the Greenbay Trail, and the Robert Mclory Trail.
Big knobby treads.
While I like having a mountain bike, I just wasn't riding it enough to see the sense in keeping it around. If I need a mountain bike in the future, I can just rent one or use my hybrid folding bike.
Sold and on its way off the premises for the last time.
So I sold this and my Hasa folding bike all in one weekend. I did so in order to make space for a new bike. More on that soon.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bought it, rode it, sold it

I am a bit late posting this. I bought this bike in early 2017 during winter and my recovery time from knee surgery. I had the idea in mind that this bike is so cheap that I will get it and try it out just for the heck of it and then sell it shortly thereafter.
First time out with the bike. I added my Avenir trunk bag.
We had a few spotty days of warm weather in March that allowed me to get some short rides in. The handling of this bike is great. Just a few differences that made it slightly awkward at first. The extended distance from the handlebars to the crosstube and the same for distance from the seat to the crosstube made leaning to assist maneuvers and turning different with the timing of it. But after a few rides it was easy to be used to that. I enjoyed riding it every time that I did so solo. Local rides are no different than for a regular bike. It was a different story when riding in a group though. The gearing is set up for casual local riding. So no really aggressive fast paced riding can be done. And hills. It goes up hills. Just not very fast. My buddy and I tried to do a 20 mile circuit and he ended up coasting with me most of the way as I pedaled my ass off the whole time. Meanwhile never really averaging anything more than 12-13 mph.
I was pretty tired after that ride and my buddy was pretty bored.  
Folding bike with trunk bag removed.
I bought the bike from Amazon for close to $300. A great deal for a folding bike! And easy to fold/unfold. I like the ease with which to get on and off of the bike as well. No having to swing a leg up and over anything. Just a nice step through and you're on. Oh yeah, it's called a Hasa folding bike.
Folding bike on the auction block. SOLD!
So as promised, I sold the bike and another to make way for a new bike project. That is the shortest time I have ever owned a bike. Three months-ish.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017 Trail Schedule

Time to compose a nice wish list of trails to ride this year!

Bike excursions in Illinois 2017:

1. Stern Woods to Hebron trail, FRT

2. Maywood, IPP

3. Sycamore, FRT,GWT

4. Greenbay Trail

5. 606

6. Robert McClory

7. Skokie Valley

8. Combo of lakefront trails to Milwaukee

9.  Jane Addams Trail

10. Pecatonica Prairie Path

11. Bloomington Normal to Peoria(on trails)

12. I&M canal path

13. Hennepin canal path

14. Mississippi river trail path to Galena

15. Oswego and back on FRT

16. Bliss Woods/Virgil Gilman Trail 

17. Long Prairie Trail.

18. Stonebridge Trail.

19.  Plank Road Trail.

I will try to start riding these trails as soon as 55F temps start showing up in the weekly weather forecasts.Any other illinois trails I should ride this year? I welcome any and all suggestions on this.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Progress Report

Hey everybody! This is about two and a half months since my knee surgery took place. Nice progress so far. I am getting about 13000 to 20000 steps a day in at work and the knee is finally accepting that. I have been getting in 5 minutes at a time on the inside bike for about three weeks now. And have pushed that up to ten minutes at a time for about the last week or so. The biggest issue with my knee still is the going DOWN of stairs. Still a bit weak there because it has been easy to cheat and use gravity to propel me.
     Another thing I have been working on since the surgery is my diet. I have been in need of losing weight for quite some time now How does this relate to biking? Well, I have gone through two rims on two different bikes in the last year due to my excessive weight of 235 lbs. I have since the surgery managed to lose 36 pounds and only just yesterday celebrated breaking the 200 lb mark. Woohoo! My goal is to aim for about 170 lbs eventually. Already I have noticed that my energy level has gone up in the last week(finally!). I started this care for my diet out by counting carbs, not calories! I focused directly on eliminating soda, breads, potatos, pasta, rice, fruit drinks and juices. I allowed myself all the proteins and meat and veggies and fruit. That got me to about 25 lbs lost over a two month period. I allowed carbs sometimes because it isnt too healthy to deprive ALL carbs all the time. I kept a food log every day to stay focused on the goal. I finally got the app for my phone called My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter. I set a goal of 170 lbs and 1880 calories a day to get there. That is aggressive enough without pushing things too much.
     So far all of this is working. And I hope to be ramping up that time on the bike really soon! Keep on biking!