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Saturday, September 28, 2013

September 2013 Chicago Critical Mass ride.

I decided to take a half day from work and go downtown to the Chicago Critical Mass Ride.A view of downtown from 
Me driving and the bike on the back of the car.
My buddy and the bikes at 
Daley Plaza awaiting the beginning of the 
Critical Mass ride.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Three trails

Three trails in one day. The Stone mill trail then the Long Prairie Trail and lastly the Stone Bridge Trail.The below pictures are not in order and I am too lazy to put them in order. So I will just describe them as they are.
This is at the very East end of the Long Prairie Trail near Capron, Illinois.
Boone County Conservation District trail sign in the parking lot at the East end of the Long Prairie Trail.
Looking East on the Long Prairie Trail in Capron. I have seen people finding/placing Geo-caching items near or around that picnic table in the past.
Approaching a bridge West of Capron while heading East on the LPT.
Still approaching.
Parking lot at East end of LPT.
LPT sign at tfhe East end of the trail.
Looking East at the very end of the LPT.
Approaching the end of the LPT at the East end of the trail.
The Brown Conservation Area at the West end of the LPT and the East end of the Stone Bridge Trail.
My bike up against the wall of the restrooms at the Brown Conservation Area.
A sign on the Stone Bridge Trail.
A sign on the SBT at McMichael Road.
Map of the SBT.
At the Stone Bridge Observation Platform.
At the West end of the Stone Bridge Trail. If you look close, you can see the continuation of the railroad tracks on the opposite side of the street under the bridge.
A couple of miles from the West end of the SBT.

Stone Mill Trail sign at the West end of the trail.
Looking West on the SMT.At the Milk Days park in Harvard Illinois at the East end of the SMT.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Springtime flooding near FRT

Spring flooding on/near the Fox River Trail on 27 April 2013. Photo near intersections of Williams Place and Duncan Ave in East Dundee, Illinois.

Friday, September 20, 2013



New angle on bike blog

Okay. So I didnt really blog much this year about biking. But I sure took alot of pics this year and the last few that never made it onto the blog. So I will attempt to post at least one (random?) picture per day this fall and winter. So here is the first picture(s):

Pictures from the intersection of Rte 31 and the Fox River Trail and its corresponding road(bike?)blocks.

This spring I found that a large project would be blocking the Fox River Trail for all of this year and the NEXT YEAR AS WELL due to piss poor planning.

A much needed bypass of the downtown Algonquin area would begin construction.

Along with all the unneeded related fallout.

Like this bridge that was taken out and won't be replaced for quite a random while for some random b.s. political reason.

And the side trail I found around the problem which only worked well in the spring due to the later overgrowth problem.

Down there where that building is in the distance is where the trail is.

And just circumvent the back of the ballpark over to the side trail and back onto the main trail to Crystal Lake. A fun ride but a deterrant to riding that direction sometimes this summer. :(

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Biking this summer

I have not ridden on any new trails this year. Too many things have gotten in the way of new trails and rides. So most of the year of biking has been spent on local stuff like the Fox River Trail and the McHenry County Prairie Path and the Illinois Prairie Path. I currently have logged 1,185 miles for the year.

Below are a couple of pictures I took while riding on the FRT today in Algonquin.