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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ten miles on the bike rollers

Finally got some miles on the bike over the first few days of this week. Although they were miles on a bike which is perched on rollers indoors, I am still happy to be getting miles again. Am so close to at least getting over 1000 miles for the year.  Am happy about that. :D
The above pictures are of a new piece of trail that is being put in from the (almost) edge of the Fox River Trail to Carpenter Park. This area used to be the utility area for the city vehicles including gas pump for the police and a salt and gravel pile. I guess they plan on running that new trail through the park and it will link up to the new trail that they have running up the side of Maple hill.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fall Changing Of The Bikes

Okay. So the whole summer biking season came and went without so much as a single blog post from me. Yeah,yeah. I could make big promises and say I am going to blog x times a week or something like that. I am just going to say that I plan to make a list of biking and exercise goals. And I am going to do something besides saying i want 2500 miles next year. Because there is always some kind of stumbling block in the way of long sighted goals of that nature. So that list is to follow in the future with short term goals.
    Let's discuss the above picture. That is my Scott racing bike being wheeled into an upstairs room to eventually be put on rollers for winter use. Now, I haven't totally given up on biking outdoors for this year. That is what my hybrid folding Montague-Swissbike Tx-(whatever number it is inserted here) is for. It has nice wide semi-slick tires, but not as wide as a mountain bike tire. That bike is much better equipped to handle the leaf-chowder that is strewn all over the paths and roads in the fall. My rule is that when you start seeing groups of leaves gathering on local trails, its time to retire the road bike and use the folder or mountain bike. I don't want to take a chance on a nasty accident on that stuff, which would most assuredly happen with those little skinny tires on a road bike.
The nice thing about this arrangement of my bikes is that I can keep the folding bike in my trunk. So when a nice day comes along in this cold fall weather, I can  just pop the trunk and unfold the bike.
    All that being said, lemme splain my biking year so far. That allergy which was kicking my axe last year kinda had dragged into spring. So I didn't really start getting any bike miles of significance in until June. I managed to start interspersing my bike miles with a bit of jogging and was doing well with that. Then, sometime in early October I started developing some pain and swelling behind the left knee on the back side of the leg. So I finally had to cease and desist with jogging OR biking as well for a bit of time. Actually going to try the bike on the rollers today to see how well the leg is getting along. I am at about only 950ish miles for the year so far. I would like to at least eek over one thousand, if possible. The sad thing about this is that I only managed to ride one trail outside my local area this year. That is just sadder n sad. Hence, that list which is forthcoming.
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