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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Mid summer update 2017

Despite having been injured by a fall off of one of my bikes I still have managed to get to approximately just over twelve hundred miles this year. I didn't ride most of July because of that. I still have managed somewhere in the range of about 800 miles on the Linear recumbent bike already.
Looking West on Des Plaines River bridge.

Looking East on bridge over Des Plaines river.

Looking North on bridge over Des Plaines River. Building is Westin Hotel.

Looking South on bridge over Des Plaines River.

The trail is somewhat foreshortened. Hehe.

Is that water?


Can you see the trail signpost in the background?

There it is.

These pictures were taken on July 16th, 2017 near the Westin Hotel on Milwaukee Ave in Wheeling, Illinois. Obviously, this was during all that wonderful flooding of our waterways at that time.

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