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Monday, July 2, 2012

Thank you mission

Today, went on a trip to somewhere near Apple River Canyon to drop off a thank you 6er at a garage in the middle of nowhere. Last year I was biking part of the Grand Illinois Trail by Apple River Canyon and had run out of water. I had reached a point of severe heat exhaustion. When out of nowhere popped this garage in a field by the road:
Garage in the middle of nowhere.
There was a man there fixing his sons car and was loaded down with water Gatorade and beer. He offered me all of it. After I had my fill of water and Gatorade, I thanked him and was on my way again. Had he not been there to offer water, I am not sure if I would have made it to Apple River Canyon. The temperature was over 100 degrees that day.
So I decided to drop off a thank you six pack for the nice person in return. As you can see in the picture below, I left it by the garage door in a cooler.
Looking East on Townsend Rd.
After dropping off the cooler, I decided to head up the street to Apple River Canyon to check it out before I head back home for work.
A small rock dam on the Apple River.
Bridge over Apple River.

The picnic pavilion and park office.
Large rock in background of park has a metal plaque with some Army Colonels name from the 1800s.

Picnic pavilion in background.

Apple River Canyon State Park sign at North entrance to park. North Canyon Park Rd. in background.
After taking this picture of the sign I decided to head along on East Canyon Rd. retracing some of the biking route in my car.
Modern windmills in fields just South of Nora, Illinois.
Windmills on Stagecoach Rd. South of Nora.
A look back from whence I came as I turn South onto Stagecoach Rd from East Canyon Rd.
More windmills.
On East Canyon Rd approaching the turn onto Stagecoach Rd.
Approaching the windmills.
If I had more time I would have gone by Lake Le Aqua Na. That is a nice place. I had lunch there on the day I rode thru for my Grand Illinois Trail ride. I would like to go fishing there sometime.


  1. A few days ago I was riding and got very thirsty. I stopped at a bank and asked them if they had a water fountain. Sadly they said no, but gladly a teller reached in the fridge in the breakroom and gave me an ice cold bottle of water. Miracles never cease!

    1. YES! Also there are laws in some states that obligate businesses to surrender water when asked for by ANYONE! :D