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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Todays ride

19 Oct 2013. Hit the Fox River Trail for a ride today. Not sure how many more I will be able to get in without investing in cold weather riding gear.Tried to add a panoramic picture below from my camera on my phone. As you can see it was a fail cuz it won't zoom. So I will have to find a different way to show a panoramic pic here.

The road construction pictures above are of the same area of construction that was shown in the last blog post. But after a summer of developement. They are about half way done with the construction. Which means, yes, you guessed it! At least ONE MORE SUMMER OF CONSTRUCTION! BOOOOO!!!


  1. There's nothing like watching a new trail go in and it takes forever to build it! It's starting to get chilly here too. I have two weeks left of bike commuting to work - with time change it's dark at 5 pm - but I'll continue riding on my days of until snow stops me.

    1. Yes, it seems most of my weekday rides are going to be after dark. Thats ok. I am still getting a workout at least