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Saturday, September 6, 2014

How long ya had that weak back?

And the answer to that question is, "Oh, about two weeks back."(The Three Stooges answer is, "Oh, about a week back.") Hehe. I managed to mess up my back by riding my usual miles but then immediately getting into my car and driving for an hour. That allowed my back to tighten up and cause great trouble later. I ended up staying off the bike for two weeks to give the back a chance to heal. I figger that I missed out on 200-300 miles. Well anyways, I finally have made it back to biking and got in a good 20 miles.
My new Scott bike at rest(Resting the horses).
Looking South on the MCCP bridge over Rakow Rd.
Looking West on the MCPP bridge over Rakow Rd. in Crystal Lake.
The bridge is a pretty steep incline for some.
I hope I can enjoy biking for the rest of summer/fall without the back issues again.

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