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Monday, May 1, 2017

Goodbye mountain bike. You served me well.

There it is. My Ross Mt. Pocono mountain bike. Upside down. Where it spent a majority of its time in my possession. I owned it for quite a long time. While I did ride it alot and put on many many miles, it's been upside down much more than right side up.
Ooooh! Look at them shiny reflectors.
While I used it mostly to ride the Fox River Trail(FRT), I also used it to ride trails like the Illinois Prairie Path(IPP), the Meadowdale Raceway, and the Pecatonica Prairie Path(PPP). Oh, and a nice ride on the Skokie Valley Trail(SVT), the Greenbay Trail, and the Robert Mclory Trail.
Big knobby treads.
While I like having a mountain bike, I just wasn't riding it enough to see the sense in keeping it around. If I need a mountain bike in the future, I can just rent one or use my hybrid folding bike.
Sold and on its way off the premises for the last time.
So I sold this and my Hasa folding bike all in one weekend. I did so in order to make space for a new bike. More on that soon.

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