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Thursday, May 17, 2012

First blog post from phone

Wow! This is neat! Here is a pic from the new bike bridge in Crystal Lake.
 As you can see, the trail has now been diverted to the right to the bridge(not shown). And the old trail goes to the left. Part of the old trail has already been dug up. This is kinda annoying, since they haven't finished the bridge yet. I hope they finish it soon.


  1. Cool trail! How easy was posting from your phone? I'd like to try that sometime, although I currently do not have a smartphone.

    1. It seemed pretty easy. Although the dwindling light slowed things down a bit. And it was somewhat of a clunky start with downloading pictures during the post. Not sure if that will really get easier as I post more from the phone. We shall SOON see! :D