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Friday, August 24, 2012

Long Prairie Trail and Stone Bridge Trail

Two weekends ago, Aug. 12th, I decided to ride another trail from my 2012 biking list. So I picked the Long Prairie Trail. I had never been to the Western most end of that trail. And I had heard it attached to another trail called the Stone Bridge Trail. I drove my car with bike, of course, to the Eastern side of the town of Capron to County Line rd. where the trailhead was. Here are the photos I took.

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  1. Nice photos... I just rode this for the second time and learned that if you go west on Rockton Road you can pick up the Dorr Road path that spills into several other bicycle friendly streets and into Beloit, WI. Since I take the METRA train to Harvard, IL, I wish the stretch on Hwy 173 was more bicycle friendly or the path connected to Harvard, but it's still worth a 20-30 minute walk on the rough to get to the east trailhead.