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Monday, September 17, 2012

Finally! I got in a century ride!

I have been riding alot for a couple of years now. And this year I had been planning to ride 100 miles or more in one day. The summer slowly rolled by and still no century ride. Well here it is.
I started at 8:00am on Saturday September 17th. The temperature was 46 degrees Fahrenheit. The ride began at the Main Street Bicycles shop at the intersection of Main St and the Fox River Trail in Carpentersville. I headed South on the trail for about 8 miles where the Elgin branch of the Illinois Prairie Path intersects. I turned onto that and headed to Maywood. As i merged with the Stearns Rd Trail I fell in line behind a couple of guys riding road bikes. It was interesting to note that when I told them about my destination and the distance, one of them said they were going to do one more mile than that. Haha!!
When the IPP trail is near West Chicago it merges for a short distance with the Eastern portion of The Great Western Trail. When the IPP diverged again, I stayed with the GWT. I forgot how desolate, quiet and uneventful this section of the GWT is. While you are still on a very good trail, there arent too many attractions or distractions at the intersections and crossings.


  1. So what was your average speed for the entire ride?

  2. I think I averaged somewhere around 11-12 miles per hour. Sure was a fun trip too!

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    1. Thanx! I don't think there will ever be a OSN 200. Heh.