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Sunday, July 3, 2016

McHenry to border then Hebron and back.

Got in 35 miles round trip, from the town of McHenry North on the Fox River Trail/McHenry Prairie Path to the Illinois-Wisconsin border and then West on the Hebron trail to the town of Hebron and back. 29 miles of this trek were unpaved. Here are some pictures.
MCCP trail just North of Rte 120 in McHenry.
Bridge over Boone Creek
Railroad overpass just South of Richmond
The railroad recently patched the walls and primed away all the grafitti. The bridge has been redone with some big girders. The large metal walls were removed.
Me at the intersection of MCCP and Hebron trail. Sign points North to border, a few hundred yards away.

Western trail head of Hebron Trail
Grand Illinois Trail information sign about Kenosha Division Railroad.
Note distances at bottom of sign. Example: Richmond -->7 miles West of Richmond.
Dashed line square highlights area this trail is in. Prominant lines are individual trails that make up the Grand Illinois Trail.
Right side blowup of Hebron Trail
KD Railroad
Picture of old Hebron train station
Look how dusty my bike got on these trails.
This ride was the first half of item one on my 2016 schedule.

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