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Saturday, July 2, 2016

My schedule for the year

I know I havent posted alot or even at all lately. And I know its killin this blog. I don't have any good answers for ya. Other than I am busy elsewhere. Anyways, here is the schedule I made up of things I want to do this year riding bikes. I had plenty of time in the first part of year being sick and injured and having lots of cold and rainy spring days indoors to work on this list. OK so here it is:

Bike excursions in Illinois 2016:

1. Stern Woods to Hebron trail, FRT

2. Maywood, IPP

3. Sycamore, FRT,GWT

4. Greenbay Trail

5. 606

6. Robert McClory

7. Skokie Valley

8. Combo of lakefront trails to Milwaukee

9.  Jane Addams Trail

10. Pecatonica Prairie Path

11. Bloomington Normal to Peoria(on trails)

12. I&M canal path

13. Hennepin canal path

14. Mississippi river trail path to Galena

15. Oswego and back on FRT

16. Bliss Woods/Virgil Gilman Trail

Thats it for now. Might add more if I can get some of these knocked out this year.

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