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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

C'ville to Rte. 14 in Crystal Lake and back

Decided to get some miles in today before work. Went from Carpentersville to Crystal Lake in a pretty good time, I thought.
1hr 24 min and 26 sec riding time.
Distance of 20.15 miles.
Average speed of 14.3 MPH(did same route four days ago with an avg of 13.8 MPH).
Max speed of 23.7 MPH.
ODO: 1282.5 miles.

Was surfing some biking blogs and saw this persons touring setup on her bike. Looks pretty good. Maybe I need to get paniers for the front wheel too! Just not sure if I can do so on a bike with front shocks? Will have to find out.
   Also, I found this video to be kinda kewl:

I found that video at this biking blog that I follow.

Oh, and dis onez kewl too!

Fixtape #3 from Ronnie on Vimeo.

I like the Flava Flave n Chuck D music from Public Enemy. Got the video from Fixed Gear blog.


  1. Great videos and both came out perfect on your blog. How come those bikers and roller bladers can ride oh the Freeway? Ha!1 Too much! I like that guy on the 6 foot high bike. How does he get off? Jump? Dive? I see the cops came at the end of the video. Did you see that one cop at end did not look too happy at being on video.

  2. Hahaha! Yeah, I saw that cop givin the camera the stink eye. And I like the old school flava flav stuff.