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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Saturday June 25th, 2011 was the second day of my Grand Illinois Trail ride. It started with a train ride from Elgin on the Metra rail system to Union Station in Chicago.
Sign inside train car.

I assembled my Montague/Swissbike TX right there on the train platform.

All my equipment including bike, panniers, helmet and cue sheets.

Same equipment assembled.

Less foggy view with Metra train in background.

I then exited the station and made trax for Navy Pier.

bikes on the north side of the train station

looking west from the north side of the train station



canal st.

train crossing on canal st.

closing in on Navy Pier
This is funny. Look at what the satellite did to my straight line ride!

Hahah! Too funny. It looks like someone needed to take a DUI test. Oh well, I can't expect technology to work right every time.
   So I got to Navy  Pier at about 8:45 AM and left immediately down the Lakefront Trail. The trail was completely clogged with pedestrians! There apparently was some kind of  walk for hunger being sponsored. There were THOUSANDS of people on the trail! So I quickly glommed onto a passing bike tour at the end of the line. I knew there would be no easy way through. So I let the other bikers generally clear the way before me. I only made 7 miles in the first hour. The first 4 were hell trying to get through all those people. I even heard many of them say that it sure isn't a good day to be a biker!

The bike tour stopped here at The Queens Landing.

Looking North at The Queens Landing.

Buckingham Fountain


In front of the Shedd Aquarium.

Shedd Aquarium

People everywhere!
Watch that drop off!

Look at all the people on the trail up there in the trees!

people people people


Finally outa that! Look at these two guys turn around! heh.
Chicago skyline

Sears Tower(Circle of Willis)

me and the Chicago skyline

A bridge over Lake Shore Drive

That was four miles of people, people and more people!

A tour path around the whole of Lake Michigan!

All fishes point to here!

This post will be finished when i get back from the two day bike trip.

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  1. Nice pics, I see some bikers wore those reflective orange vests. Is that for cars or pedestrins? You can tour around Lake Michigan? Thats must be a lot of miles.