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Friday, June 3, 2011

Hebron to Carpentersville

Hebron Trail Western trail head at Church Rd. in Hebron, Ill.

A few days ago I rode the Hebron Trail near the Illinois-Wisconsin border.

I recorded somewhere between six to six and a half miles of trail until it hits the Fox River Trail/Mchenry Prairie Trail just three tenths of a mile from the border and end of the FRT/MPT.
Ill-Wis border is 0.3 miles ahead. Or head West on the Hebron.

Here is info provided by Chicago Bike Trails about the Hebron Trail. And here is someones blog and pictures of the Hebron Trail in 2007.  I find this next link to info about the Hebron Trail somewhat interesting because of some of the reader comments. They mention a few subjects I would like to comment about. The information at is pretty good. But one of the readers commented about there being some difficulty with loose gravel at the area intersecting the Hebron and the FRT/MPT trails. I not only have rode this area this year but in 2009 and 2010 as well. I don't recall seeing any hard to navigate gravel in that area. In any case, I see no problem moving thru the area anymore.
 I hope these pics do the area some justice. I have seen other posts and info on the internet that have mentioned this difficulty with the area, but have never encountered that problem even once.

   The other subject that the commenters brought up was a question of how to get to Lake Geneva after riding the trails. I agree that there is no easy way to get there. But that brings the idea to mind again that Wisconsin should develope the old railroad right of ways that exist already. There is already an Illinois side to the trail and I only see residential yard refuse on the Wisconsin side. The railroad has been gone since the mid 80s and the FRT has been there at least 20+ years already! Whats the hold up? Doesn't Wisconsin want the tourism dollars? Oh well. Enough about that.

   After I connected to the FRT, I headed South to Richmond.
And now on to Glacial Park.

 Here is a link to some info about Glacial Park. After Glacial Park, I headed South for McHenry and Crystal Lake.

 At one of my many stops, I ran into someone who is a much more avid cyclist than myself.

He says he has probably put over 30,000 miles on this bike over the years. And I don't doubt that because he is none other than RecumbentKen! He is number 9 of 117 in the state at the League of Illinois Bikers with over 3000 miles logged this year! I was wondering how long I would ride the Illinois trails until I would meet someone from the LIB mileage list. This recumbent bike stuff looks fairly comfortable. One day I might contemplate getting something like that!
   Here is the MapMyRide copy of the route I took:

It reads 36.15 miles. But my CatEye odometer was reading out 38.91 miles.
Here is the Gmaps pedometer map of this route.

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