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Monday, June 27, 2011

Summary Ride Of Trail

Okay so I promised a review of the trail the day after the big storm came through and caught me on the trail. Here is what I first encountered on the trail shortly after starting the ride for the day.

I had to backtrack to this location on the night of the storm in order to circumvent one of the downed trees that are shown cut up in the pictures.

The trail was littered with refuse and stick and leaves. Of course, the occasional biker/jogger was out. I was really surprised how fast the work crews finished off all those trees that were downed the night before. Some of them were about two feet in diameter!

Saw this guy also:

Here are a few extra pics from the trail that day.

Dang it! Didn't get my camera out fast enough to capture what happened here!

This guy is trying to get back up after a spill
I was approaching this jogger when I was heading North on the bike trail near Lake In The Hills Airport when this rider startled me by waiting too long before he warned me he was passing 'on the left'. I kinda steered badly for a moment because of this. And the next thing that happened was one of those instances where everyone only makes a little mistake or error in judgement but they all do it at once and create a problem. The rider did the same thing as he approached the jogger in front of me. He wait ed too long to announce his presence to the jogger. Well, the jogger was already straddling the center line on the bike trail. So when the jogger was startled by the rider he didn't know which side to move to and kinda feinted in each direction. Hahaha! The rider was going so fast that when he tried braking he almost did an endo! He ended up tangled with the jogger and laid the bike down! I tried to get the camera out as fast as I could but i was incredulous to what had just happened for a moment too long. The above was the best shot I could get. Moral of the story must be that even little teeny mistakes can add up to some nasty stuff if we aren't careful!

Chopper with pontoons flies directly overhead.

Chopper headed to Lake In The Hills Airport.


  1. I see it was still very cloudy after that storm. Must have been a big one for all those downed trees of such wide girth.