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Monday, June 13, 2011

Ride For Life

Yesterday, I decided to take part in my first organized bike ride. The Ride For Life. It started at The Village Pedaler and ended there as well. There were three different distances offered 15 mile, 25 mile, and 60 mile. I chose the 25 mile since I had never ridden in an organized ride before. Here is the path that was taken:

I finished with a nice slow time of two hours and six minutes. An alright time, I guess. In the middle of the ride I figured out I had my seat too high and adjusted it. Boy, that made a huge difference! Here is where the ride started/finished:

When the ride was completed, there was pizza and water and gatorade available. Later I had felt that was not enough mileage for the day, so I got in another 20 mile ride to Crystal Lake and back to Carpentersville on the FRT. Fun day.


  1. Did you notice any families riding? Organized events are a great way for entire families to have fun and get exercise at the same time. And they can see some great sites if the trails can go near historic or famous places. I cant get me seatpost to move due to a frozen nut. Do you know how I can loosen it without snapping it off?

  2. Actually, there were alot of families out for that ride! But there were quite a few racing types out for that as well! For that bike seat problem, there is something called liquid wrench you can use on the threads to help loosen the bolt. Give it a try.