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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1st ride after week off

Today is the first day I have ridden since I got back from a short vacation in Georgia. Did my usual "short course" since I haven't done any serious riding in the last week except for a short ride in a Wildlife Preserve in South Carolina. I just started using the application for my phone called Imapmyride. So this was also my first use of that program. Here is the stats of my ride:

  • Total Distance 10.8 miles.
  • Average speed 13.8 mph.
  • Max speed 23.8 mph.
  • Time that wheels turned 46 min 33 seconds.
  • Overall time 50 minutes.

Heh. Interesting. The program actually recorded my deviation from the trail to avoid traffic at the crossing of Rte 31. Neato! It even shows the elevations during the ride if you click on it!

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