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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Saturday: The 2nd day of practice run

Woke up feeling pretty good and thought about what I would do for some mileage Saturday. So I took the folding bike and headed North on the Fox River Trail.  Cycled 41.5 miles in about three and a half hours. Went North up into the town of McHenry. Didn't  realize I had a significant wind behind me propelling me forward. It was the easiest 20 miles I have ever done. Once I had turned around for the return trip, the head wind started taking its toll immediately. Lesson learned. Check those wind directions and plan accordingly. Here is the Gmaps link to the map of the path I took. While the Gmaps pedometer program shows just over 37 miles, I had taken a bunch of different side paths to make up that other distance. I will add some pics of that trail a bit later.

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