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Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Post

Sign at the Chemung trailhead of the Stone Mill Trail
Okay. Finally have the new biking blog going. I will begin by posting about all the biking I have done this year so far. I have ridden the small trail  between Harvard, Illinois and Chemung, Illinois. I think that trail was something like six miles to six and a half miles long. That is including some streets that i navigated as well as the trail . I was doing a bit of recon to see if any progress had been made on new construction between Capron and Chemung. Apparently not. There is a big creek running right down the center of the right of way and no funding yet, according to Beverly at the bike shop in Capron. More on that later. The reason for looking around in this area was that I was hoping to ride from Hebron thru Harvard and then onto Capron on this trail which is named Stone Mill Trail. A mention of this trail is made here. This trail is only 2 miles long.Here is the Google map of the Stone Mill Trail. I was hoping to be able to ride down Rte. 173 from Hebron to Harvard and then take the Stone Mill Trail to Chemung where I would then follow Rte. 173 again until I got to Capron. Both portions of Rte. 173 proved unsafe for biking and I was forced to abandon this idea. Also none of the side roads near 173 seemed adequate as well. I will have to follow the original idea that was proposed with the GIT cue sheets.

   Here is a link to The Harvard Main Line with an article about the Stone Mill Trail. Beyond this I have not spotted any other news about linking the Hebron trail with the SMT other than the few things Beverly in Capron had told me. And that info was really only about connecting SMT and the LPT. If anyone has anymore information about that, I would be interested in hearing about it.

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