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Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday: Last day of practice run

Okay, just a quick post about my Sunday mileage on my weekend practice run. Decided to ride south on the FRT to the IPP Elgin branch. Took that to the new Stearns Rd. path and to the Bartlett Nature Preserve. I then went back West on the Stearns road trail right past the IPP that I had just been on and down to the Fox River. There I crossed the river on the new Stearns rd. pedestrian and bike bridge and back onto the FRT heading North.  Stats were as follows:
  • Distance traveled 27.28 miles.
  • Average speed 11.1 MPH.
  • Maximum speed 26.3 MPH.
  • Total time wheels were turning 2 hours 27 minutes 15 seconds.
  • Actual time used for trip 2 hours 40 minutes.
Here is a link to a Kane county bike trail map that shows all of the trails I took except the new Stearns Road trail. It seems that no maps have been updated with this new trail yet(as well as the new Strearns Road bridge)!

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