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Monday, May 2, 2011

Long Prairie Trail

Looking East on trail in Capron.

As far West as I biked.

So this is a continuation of my ride on the same day as all the Stone Mill Trail hoopla. To speed things up, I rode my car on the discussed route of the GIT cue sheet for the area(Hebron to Capron). Once the road finally intersected bike trail again, I found that the trail didnt just go West but also East. But according to maps, I knew it concluded as a trail head on another side street just a few miles to the East. Here is a map of the trail that I rode that day. I started at the maps mile 2 marker and went West to Caledonia and then back to Capron. Then I went East to see the trail head.
Beverly the ITC lady was here.

Side By Side sign

Side By Side Cycle shop.
Sign at the trail head at East end.

Placard on trail.
     When I had parked in Capron before I went down the trail, I decided to stop in to the bike shop I had heard about in someone elses GIT blog from some years ago. The shop was called Side By Side cycles. I met a nice lady named Beverly. She introduced me to a huge stack of freebies regarding trails and such in Illinois. She also told me of her affiliation with the Illinois Trails Conservancy and I promised I would become a member. I gotta get movin on that and sign up NOW!  When I got done with the bike ride I took a few pics of the storefront for posterity.
    One of the accompanying pictures is of a placard from the bike trail that describes the history and eventual demise of the railroad that used to be where the trail now stands.
Bridge on Trail East of Capron


  1. Its great they have a large trash can beside the Side by Side Cycle shop to put your banana peels and food wrappers in! Nice pics of the trails.

  2. Hehe tx. Some of em were taken at night. So I wasn't sure how they would turn out.